The Journey

 Phase 1:Encountering the Object This phase focuses on what one actually sees when looking at an object or image. Interpret what you think the object means to you.
 Phase 2:Discovering the Object Investigate the object: Who made it? When? What was it used for? What are it’s unique characteristics?Actively reflect on what story r stories from one’s own experience might add depth to your interpretation of the object. Share your own story and construct meaning to stimulate each other’s stories.
 Phase 3:The Provocative Object Explore the historical and cultural context of the object. Who creates meaning for this object? Who or what determines its cultural authenticity? How old is it? How did it get wherever it is? What is it for? How does the creator use the elements to create meaning in this object.
 Phase 4:Beyond the Object  What are the outcomes of this exploration for you? What significance and value have you discovered in the object? What have you identified with most?What is your view of Kenya’s heritage having investigated this selection of historical and contemporary objects, and how has it changed?

Do we have informed insight into what museums stand for and what they do? Do you now understand the complex process involved in the acquisition of objects for museum collections?

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