Who we are


The 100 Objects project is a joint project of Nakuru Earth Community Trust (NECT) and Diaspora Youth Empowerment (DYE).

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Mission Statement

  • To empower youth in the Diaspora to provide them with the resources and mentors needed to realize and operate at their full potential.
  • Our vision is to be able to provide the solid foundation needed for young adults to be productive, engaged citizens and successful leaders.
  • To promote integration between young adults both in Kenya and the Diaspora that encourages development and innovation.
  • To create a common constituency for Kenyan youth to represent the nation in their country of residence.  

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Mission Statement

NECT is a UK charity with two hats. In Kenya we work in partnership with Mbaruk Field Studies Centre in Nakuru, Kenya, and help promote improved agricultural practices which are supportive of the environment and sustainable food production. In the UK we work to encourage young people, especially young Kenyans, to engage with their environment and to develop a sense of cultural awareness.

NECT supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with  respect to human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

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