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Kenya Story in 100 Objects

The 100 objects project was founded in 2015 with the purpose of engaging youth with cultural heritage through analysing key objects. 

Cultural and heritage objects provide access to a country’s history and is the foundation for cultural and social identity. Therefore, the identity of a nation is inseparably bound up with its material culture. Through this project we will guide young men and women to explore many types of objects to discover their significance and meaning. 

We’ll question the objects: Who made them, What ideas promoted them, What were their functions socially, culturally and spiritually, What are they made of and Where are they now? What we now refer to as ‘traditional art of Kenya’ was often produced as part of everyday life, often fulfilling specific and practical functions. 

By examining these objects, we can gain an understanding and appreciation of the life of Kenya’s different communities, as they were in the past and as they are now. 

Kenya’s story in a 100 Objects, seeks to enhance the inter-cultural dialogue on exploring the role art plays in creating meaning and defining purpose. Using collections in 

museums and those held privately, we hope to encourage active learning, analytical thinking in cross cultural comparisons in visual and cultural objects. 

Contact: for your project pack.

100 Objects - Future 

The 100 Objects Project will provide something tangible as a basis for stories of life in a country, including migration and will bring alive the culture and heritage for all. The Kenya Object story will be used as an example and provide a tool-kit for youth to engage with other areas globally. Please get in touch for more details.

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